Society of St Vincent de Paul

Prince George, B.C.

“True charity opens its arms and closes its eyes,”  -- Saint Vincent de Paul

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Christmas Hamper

Sponsoring a Christmas Hamper ...

     Each year St Vincent de Paul takes applications from families in the community who are in need of help to celebrate Christmas with their family.  In order to qualify for a hamper from St Vincent's, the family must have children aged 19 or under and must bring Care Cards and current proof of their current residence when they apply.   We cross-reference our applications with other agencies who also provide Christmas Hampers to ensure that only one hamper goes out to each family.  

     St Vincent's prepares and delivers approximately 275 hampers each year.  Generally each hamper supplies food for Christmas dinner and breakfast plus enough food to last for 3-5 days.  In addition, we do our best to provide a gift for each family member.  

     We also have individuals, families, groups of friends, organizations, and businesses who wish to "sponsor" a family and provide them with a more specialized Christmas Hamper.    

We have families of every size -- single or dual parents or grandparents raising 1 - 8 children under the age of 19.   Each sponsored family is chosen from the general applications received by St Vincent's and we do our best to ensure that different families are sponsored each year.

     Sponsors can request the size of family that they'd like to adopt. and our sponsorship committee will do their best to make the best match available.  Generally, the sponsor will deliver their hamper.  However, if the family or sponsor doesn't feel comfortable with this arrangement, St Vincent's will be happy to make delivery arrangements.    


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