Society of St Vincent de Paul

Prince George, B.C.

“True charity opens its arms and closes its eyes,”  -- Saint Vincent de Paul

Sponsoring a Christmas Hamper ...  a la 2020


     This is an unprecedented time in our lives with CoVID-19 causing all kinds of setbacks.  This year we have elected to forego having individual sponsors provide for and deliver hampers to those in need.   This is due to concerns regarding the possible transmission of the CoVID virus between recipients and donors.  We are all hopeful that you can appreciate that concern.

     We are also hopeful that next year we will be able to "return to normal" and see this virus as a thing of the past.  In the interim, we have a small, controlled group of people who will organize the 300+ food hampers and safely deliver them to those families who are in need and apply for a hamper.  [See further information here.]

     For those who still want to help us, we would be forever grateful for your helping hand in collecting some additional hamper items ...  things we've not been able to provide in the past  ... in the hopes we can provide extra treats for each hamper family this holiday season.  

     Below is a list of items we want to focus on collecting, with the items being listed in priority.



     We strive, as best we can, to ensure that the Christmas Hampers are the same for each family.   We do not yet know how many hampers we will be filling as we are just starting to take applications.

     For those who feel they can coordinate a group to help fill the above noted needs, please reach out to Laura Langley at  

or text or phone her cell at 250-640-0000

or her work number [Monday - Friday] at 250-612-4470

     We need a solid commitment on the number of boxes, cases, packages that you can collect and to know those numbers by early December.  

     We would need to collect the non-perishable items the week of December 14th.   We would prefer to have the Mandarin oranges delivered by or on December 18th.   Details of where to deliver the items and how to do so safely will be provided by Laura in advance.

Special Projects

Sponsoring a

Christmas Hamper

Please contact Laura at

250 - 640-0000  or

250 - 612-4470 [Mon - Fri]